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Sell Your Cats and Other Pets super Fast with the Brand New Classified Network

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Sell Your Cats and Other Pets super FastWorried you might be walking the threshold of becoming a crazy cat lady? Do you have more cats than you do Facebook friends? Sell some of those kitties with the brand new website!

If your cats keep on multiplying, instead of throwing them at strangers while speaking gibberish (like the Simpsons character Eleanor Abernathy), you should first listen to Bob Barker and have your pet spayed or neutered – and then start selling all those extra kitten litters to crazy cat ladies in training! Place your free kitten ad here:

Placing an Ad is as Easy as Playing with a Ball of Yarn…and as Fun too!
Target a ZIP and Choose Category: Click Place an Ad, enter the ZIP Code where you want your ad targeted, and then choose a category and subcategory. Unless you are selling some robot super cat (which begs the question, Do Androids Dream of Electric Cats?), then you will select Pets and then Cats (as opposed to electronics for robo-cat).

Pick Your Ad Package: Choose the free Basic Online package to instantly reach millions of cat-fanatics or choose the Enhanced Online package to showoff your kitties in the style they deserve! And, if available, choose a print package to maximize your reach!

Create the Ad: Create your ad with feline grace, listing all the most important information, like breed (Persian, Siamese, Burmese, American, Ragamuffin, etc) and color or coat pattern (white, black, tuxedo, calico, tabby, etc). Post a nice photo of the kitty too!

Preview and Confirm: Proofread your ad, making sure there aren’t any grammar “messes” left in the “litter box.” Once happy, confirm, verify the ad through the email we send you and then you’re all done!

Reach Aristo-Cats and Alley Cats Across all the United States!
Did you know that in England and Australia they call cats moggies? You know what you can call yours here in the US? Fuzzy Money. That’s right! With over 30 million users across the country and with over 1 million new ads posted every month, is the best place to profit off your cats’ philoprogenitiveness.

The Country’s Fat Cat of Classifieds…
Recycler Classified Network – With a powerful partnership of local and niche classified ad magazine publications across the United States, the Recycler Classified Network has combined its partners’ 40-plus years of classified ads experience, 12 online partnered websites, and 65 leading magazines with its state-of-the-art, national classified website,, to deliver a better classified experience to buyers, sellers and businesses alike. – this state-of-the-art, national website is one of the most experienced, fastest growing, and trusted classifieds websites available. Featuring millions of pets, merchandise, electronics and appliances, real estate, used cars and vehicles, rentals and tickets, is single best place to sell your cats and kittens!

Recycler Classified Network

4954 Van Nuys Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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Lizards Need Love Too – Sell all of Your Pet Reptiles With Recycler Online Classifieds

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Lizards Need Love TooTired of your teenage reptiles giving you attitude and playing their rap music too loud? It can be tough raising karate-trained, ooze-induced mutated turtles. If you’ve had enough cowabunga back talk, just sell the little buggers.

Or make hero in a half-shell soup … no, no – better sell them
The money you make with the turtle sale can parlay all the money you lost on pizzas (always with the pizza!). Before the turtles start bringing home teenage mutant ninja girlfriends, sell them and any of your non-genetically altered reptiles with Recycler Classifieds and on Place your pet ad here:

Create an Ad in 3 Easy Steps (or the slithering equivalency of a step)
Pick Your Ad Package: the Free Pet Ad (only four per year), for a week; the Two Week Classified Ad (no photo); or the Two Week Photo Ad – showcasing your little slithery, scaly friend with a picture and description!

Create the Ad: This is your chance to appeal to the average reptile enthusiast (have that magazine subscription?). Describe the clawed and toothy critters with mostly need-to-know info like species, color, sex (if you can tell…), and age! Then just post a photo, one that would serve as a perfect Facebook Profile pic for the reptile.

Preview and Confirm: Preview the ad with the same scrutiny a snake’s tongue tastes the air (it makes sense) and once happy – confirm and boom-shacka-lacka! Send away those four-legged felines (just kidding! Felines are cats, that was a test)…

Indiana Jones Hates Snakes – But Lots of People Love ‘Em: Find Them Fast!
Instead of flushing your reptiles down a toilet to later discover them fighting the evil samurai-esque Shredder and his Foot army – just sell them to a loving home! With our weekly readership of 850,000, your reptile ad will not be hiding in the shadows and sewers of Los Angeles, but instead front and center (not to mention online at 6 million views a month). With the money you’ll make, you’ll be as happy as a frog (that was another test; frogs are amphibians).

Recycler Power! So-Cal’s Best Classified Ads
Since the early 70s, Recycler has been Southern California’s premier Trade publication for buying, selling and trading. There is no better way to sell your Reptiles with ease and efficiency. Recycler Classifieds gives you the unique freedom to describe your Reptiles, along with photos, for optimal efficacy and, by upgrading your package to Print, optimal coverage.

Along with its related publications Jobs Magazine, Cars Weekly, Auto Pix, AutoBuys and Truck Buys, Auto Seller, Cycle, Boat & RV Buys, Big Truck & Equipment Buys, has more pets, merchandise, electronics and appliances, real estate, used car, used truck, used SUV, new and used RVs, used van, new vehicle, and business ads in Southern California than any other website or print publication.

Recycler and
4954 Van Nuys Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 305-2200

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