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Sell Your Computer Before Your Computer Sells YouWe all know it’s coming. We might as well count down the days until computers and machines rise up against their makers – so avoid that catastrophe by selling your computers and accessories now, with!

It’s only a matter of time before Skynet becomes a self-aware machine and creates thousands of Terminators (of the T1 and T2 variety) to enslave all of mankind and entrap them in the Matrix. Only those who’ve sold their computers and parts, be it PC or Mac, will be spared – sign-in at today! Place your ad today:

Use Your Computer to Sell Your Computer
Target a ZIP and Choose Category: Just enter a ZIP Code and then you’re ready to select your ad category and subcategory – and unless your computer is cleaning and cooking like some sort of Smart House or facing off against pro chess players like some sort of deep, blue thing – you will be choosing For Sale and then Computers and Accessories.

Pick Your Ad Package: The Basic Online ad is free, and will provide lot O’ exposure, but the Enhanced Online Ad is the cat’s pajamas (it’s just a phrase, don’t go playing dress up with Snowball). Plus, if a print package is available, you can reach even more potential buyers.

Create the Ad: You can use the very computer you are selling to create the ad online (though it would make it hard to sell stuff in the future) – now are you selling a PC or a Mac? Apple or Microsoft? Windows or OS X Snow Leopard?

Preview and Confirm: Make sure the ad looks amazing and then click Complete! Your ad will almost instantly post online for millions to see!

So Many Computers!
Sell all your computers and computer parts: cables, monitors, towers, keyboards, and mouses…mice? (It’s mouses! Weird huh?). And do it in the comfort of your pajamas (not your cat’s pajamas) – his home to 1 million new ads every month and has over 30 million registered users, so your computer will be in plenty of other computers.

Brand New, State-of-the-Art, but Totally Disinterested With Overthrowing Mankind…
Recycler Classified Network – With a powerful partnership of local and niche classified ad magazine publications across the United States, the Recycler Classified Network has combined its partners’ 40-plus years of classified ads experience, 12 online partnered websites, and 65 leading magazines with its state-of-the-art, national classified website,, to deliver a better classified experience to buyers, sellers and businesses alike. – this state-of-the-art, national website is one of the most experienced, fastest growing, and trusted classifieds websites available. Featuring millions of pets, merchandise, electronics and appliances, real estate, used cars and vehicles, rentals and tickets, is single best place to sell your computer!

Recycler Classified Network
4954 Van Nuys Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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